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1 Coxenberg - The Cliff
2 Future Nøw - Before
3 Kreisler - Be Formless
4 Umutbooy & Innarius - Time
5 Tenvin - Momentum
6 Cacohine - Just an Illusion

About Album

In our 1st year, we come together with the ‘Centrum I’ compilation, with the integration of music and other selves that feed us.
Innerselves’ first compilation, ‘Centrum I’, carries tracks from Coxenberg, Kreisler, Future Nøw, Umutbooy & Innarius, Tenvin and Cacohine with their talented and unique sounds.

Tracks ;

Coxenberg – The Cliff (Original Mix)
Kreisler – Be Formless (Original Mix)
Future Nøw – Before (Original Mix)
Tenvin – Momentum (Original Mix)
Umutbooy & Innarius – Time (Original Mix)
Cacohine – Just An Illusion (Original Mix)


Release Date

13 May 2022